About us

We are a small group of close friends who have always been connected to sports and active lifestyle. The idea to create our first product, the balance board, was born out of a need to recover from a sport injury. Not only building new balancing muscles around the operated knee we love that using the balance board is highly effective functional training tool: from leg and glute muscles to abs and biceps.

In addition to professional athletes our products are in use at offices, rehabilitation, fitness centres and homes.

Did You know that the Surf Balance Board is also an excellent marketing tool?!

Life is better sideways!

Martin is the magician who makes our dreams come alive: from drawing sketches to cutting out details from piece of wood.
He is our golden handed production manager who is responsible for the quality and perfection in every aspect.
As he says about himself that he has always been a Builder-Bob who has love for all kinds of board sports.

Always funny and never normal!

Henri is a mastermind when it comes to sales and setting new strategies. After 10 years finishing with the professional snowboarding career, he changed the cold mountains to warm waters. Surfing has now been his passion for another decade.

Always hardworking and always entertaining!

Gerli has the eye for visual perfection. She is the creator of amazing marketing and making the product look sexy in every angle. Throughout her all life she has shared her love to the sports: SUP, yoga, diving, longboarding etc.

Always beautiful and always in creation!

Testimonials by Pros

Our products are developed by the professionals of the sport, training, health & science industry. Here we have comments and feedback from different professionals.


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Martin Laur

Production Manager

  • Phone: +372 526 6791
  • E-Mail: martin@surfandbalance.com
Gerli Jalakas

Marketing Manager

  • Phone: +372 556 39301
  • E-Mail: gerli@surfandbalance.com
Henri Sankala

Sales Manager

  • Phone: +358 400 358891
  • E-Mail: henri@surfandbalance.com
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