Hawaii Pipeline Edition

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Surf Balance Board is an innovative training device that is meant to take your core and balance muscles to the next level. Moreover, it is an amazing tool to make your daily training routine much more challenging and fun!
Use it in Your home, gym or even office! Surf Balance Board is and outstanding and a versatile tool for indoor training as it takes minimum space and in highly functional.

Product information: This set is made of renewable materials only! The tube that is pressed together from the leftover material of the Portuguese cork has a good grip on all sorts of floor types and protects from harming them. The wooden board itself is covered with an anti-slip grip and cork-stoppers make it safe and easy to use for everybody! Besides all that, the gear comes together with a full-body training manual!

Pipeline is beautiful, but feroucious wave located on the north shore of Oahu, Hawaiian islands. Described as the sports best tube. Waves break here into a very shallow and sharp reef. Pipeline has been gaining fame since 1962 and made famous 1967 by Gerry Lopez. Can you stand with the legends of Pipeline while your train your Balance?


Üle Eesti 5 EUR või tule ise järgi – Keava 5, Tallinn!

25 EUR across EU

Toote Tagastamine/Return Policy:

In case the product specifications do not meet the requirements, one can return the product within 30 days after receiving it. Client is responsible of the return costs.

Download our full-body Training Manual from here.


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