Surf and Balance Combo Set

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Push your workout routine to a new level with the Surf and Balance Gift Set! With this special offer, you will get the following:
  1. Balance Board with the Original logo design (Click for more info)
  2. Wooden Push Up Bars (Click for more info)
  3. Surf Soap for hair and body wash (Click for more info)
A whole-body workout that helps you to train your legs, arms, core, and body as a whole including the small balancing muscles which define the bigger muscle build.
This gift set is perfect for your special friend, family, or loved ones. Or make a gift for yourself and get the benefit of body-weight training.

Üle Eesti 5 EUR või tule ise järgi – Keava 5, Tallinn!
30 EUR across EU

Toote Tagastamine/Return Policy:

In case the product specifications do not meet the requirements, one can return the product within 30 days after receiving it. Client is responsible of the return costs.


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